Program Roles

In the Teaching Force program, teachers are empowered to establish and achieve their own goals. Everyone plays a part in supporting the work, even the students. This happens with the organizational structure that is supported by the school/district administration.

Program Roles


  • The heart of the program
  • Collaborates with colleagues on student feedback collection, lesson planning, lesson visits, and improvement board sessions

School Coach

  • Selected from the participating school and trained by TF Foundation
  • Coordinator of the program in the school
  • Coaches teachers, provides training and guides the school for one year

Expert Coach

  • Supports the program at several schools
  • Selected and trained by TF
  • Guides coaches on how to tailor an approach to a school
  • Works with the coach when coaching school leaders

Teaching Force Foundation

  • Central organization responsible for the whole program
  • Organizes central meetings (Pizza sessions, boot camps, etc.)
  • Offers methodology and materials
District Admin

District Administrator

  • Participates in management program
  • Actively supports the school-based transformation as a role model


  • Sounding board for teachers
  • Gives feedback to teachers via student feedback surveys
  • The Focus of all improvement actions

School Principal

  • Takes final responsibility for the program and accompanying culture change in their own school
  • Personally participates in the program, supports the program, is responsible for practical issues, encourages, inspires, and coaches teachers