Who We Are

Philosophy & Purpose

We are a team of enthusiastic innovators with diverse backgrounds in education, change management, and innovation.

We believe that the quality of our children’s schools affects every aspect of their life, shaping the child’s personal destiny and the society’s capacity for creativity and economic development.

We believe that a school can never be better than the quality of its teachers.

We are passionate about helping to give (more) ownership of education to the teacher and to create within schools a culture of “Making it a little Better Together every Day.”

Our goal is to reach as many schools as possible, as quickly as possible with our method because it addresses what we believe is needed for the next step in improvement; from good to great quality of education to be delivered to students by schools across the US.


Meet The Team

Teaching Force Peter Cohen

Peter Cohen


Dr. Peter Cohen takes an innovative approach to educational leadership, utilizing team building and structured conversational protocols to transform schools and inspire teachers to ensure that all students are on a path to become career or college ready.

A public school educator for over 25 years in Massachusetts. He uses his collaborative, decisive, and transparent leadership style to develop progressive professional development models, empower teachers, and support creative, project based learning. 


Ties Jan (TJ) de Blij


TJ is a committed professional with deep knowledge in applied group process and over 15 years of international, multiple-industry experience in a wide range, often complex and challenging facilitative situations.

He has the proven ability to ramp up the creative problem-solving effectiveness of groups by building a shared understanding of the outcomes and next steps. TJ helps groups build consensus for ideas that go beyond current practice, and build shared commitment to allow for effective implementation of change.

TJ has been involved with TeachingForce in the Netherlands where the approach was originally developed. He has successfully translated, prepared and facilitated the first implementation of the TeachingForce program in the USA, in close collaboration with Peter Cohen, as Head of School.

Within TeachingForce US, TJ serves in the role of expert coach, supporting the program at several schools, leading central meetings and workshops, training and guiding coaches at each school in coaching school leaders and tailoring the approach.